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ohi there.

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#TBYRP an upcoming jcink roleplay, set on the lower east side of new york city.

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to make it official:

mason callister is colton haynes
kennedy drake is frida gustavsson

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casually killing demi with feels. probably time i do this to bailey as well,

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i need someone to reserve two faces for me tomorrow cause i have an appointment with my personal trainer.

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i was informed i am joining. so this is a thing that is happening.

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svetlana danae hampton mood board
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Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can’t live without you.
It takes me all the way. I want you to stay.

Ooh the reason I hold on
Ooh cause I need this hole gone
Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving
Cause when you never see the light it’s hard to know which one of us is caving

#character: kennedy drake #relationship: kennedy x joey #jennedy #love letters to cassc
#character: svetlana hampton #friendship: svetlana x mj #love letters to kristen #stebekah
#character: svetlana hampton #friendship: svetlana x mj #love letters to kristen #stebekah
#character: kennedy drake

tw: rape, overdose, etc


svetlana "lana" denae hampton. twenty. reality tv star. impulsive.
  • she was born and raised in ohio. her mother is from russia and her father is from australia. she also has an identical twin sister.
  • her sister moved to new york when she was sixteen to become a model/singer/actress/idk what yet and it was really hard at lana at the time because the two of them had never been apart and lana was always the quieter of the two.
  • back in high school, she was kind of really smart and she was in one relationship for like three and a half years. he was the only boy she had slept with and yeah.
  • every summer their family would switch between going to russia and australia to visit their family. so she is fluent in russian and a lot of times when she gets really upset, she starts yelling in russian. it’s just a hampton thing tbh.
  • for her freshman year, she went to ucla and then she transferred to hcla my mind is totally blanking and you guys will just have to forgive me, ok. 
  • being in la kind of brought out a new side of lana. she started partying with her roommate in ucla and thats where she met this guy blaze and she kind of fell in love with him and he kind of showed her a new side of sex and stuff.
  • he couldn’t say i love you back so things ended with them. they were still friends and she did the single thing for like a year but thats when she met jacks and yeah, that entire thing was insane.
  • one night she was at the club with her bff and some guy mistook her for her sister and tried to approach her. he ended up attacking her, beating her pretty badly and then attempting to rape her. it kind of destroyed her but she tried to pretend she was okay.
  • jacks went to rehab, lana was kind of a wreck, blaze was having feelings for her and she kind of just snapped and ended mixing lots and lots of alcohol with some pain meds.
  • they put her in the hospital for a while under suicide watch and she ended up having to withdraw from school. she basically took the summer and the following semester off but she went back in the winter term and is back at ucla.
  • i think she might be on hollywood & vine bc of feels and reasons. xoxo i love you kristen.
  • oh and she basically needs everything, so give her all the things. she is single atm and kind of just wanting to enjoy herself with drinking and partying as much so hmu.
  • i also need her twin sister so if you want to make her, let me know.
#character: svetlana hampton


mason gage callister. twenty three. actor. conformist
  • this is mason callister and you’ve obviously seen him all over the tabloids.
  • he has the reputation of basically being the male version of taylor swift and has dated countless and countless of girls in the business.
  • at the age of sixteen he landed the role of caleb danvers in the covenant and his mother and him moved out to la to follow his dream.
  • he played landon carter in a walk to remember, cameron james in 10 things i hate about you, young mike o’donnell in seventeen again, kyle kingston in beastly, woodchuck todd in easy a. 
  • he landed his big break when he played cameron and tyler winklevoss in the social network and then landed himself the role as jace lightwood in the mortal instruments.
  • he finds himself in relationships a lot only to end things because he finds something wrong with the girl. he is kind of picky and he doesn’t see the point in being with someone unless he can actually see himself marrying her someday.
  • he is a huge flirt and actually a really sweet guy, like he would do anything for his friends and family.
  • he’s kind of in this whole “fake thing” with rhiannon where people think they are together but it’s just a big publicity thing for tmi and the truth is they are just really good friends with lots and lots of benefits.
  • he needs a little bit of everything. best friends, friends, exes, random hook ups, anything you name it, i want it for him.
#character: mason callister


kennedy "ned"louise drake. twenty one. musician/barista. pre-social
  • this is my feisty little bitchy piece of work.
  • she is original from new york city and had pretty much the perfect childhood until her mom found out her dad was cheating on her with his assistant and things fell apart. her mom moved her to la when she was thirteen to live with her and her grandparents and her dad basically stopped caring about her.
  • she has always gotten along better with guys, mostly due to the fact she really doesn’t understand girls in the slightest bit.
  • she has been playing piano and guitar since we was really young. she also has been singing and writing songs since then.
  • she is not the relationship type at all. she had this whole fwb thing with her best friend for years and lbr she was in love with him but they both fail at life. then she met joey and fell in love with him but she fucking ruined it because she is a horrible monster.
  • she is in a band, she’s the singer :) and she also works as a barista at a coffee shop.
  • she likes to drink, smoke pot, very much enjoys sex and she is kind of a big goofball.
  • like seriously, she will post the most random shit on twitter and half the time it probably doesn’t make sense.
  • she also likes to freestyle rap which can be rather amusing. especially when she declares rap battles with asher.
  • um she needs all the things please.
#character: kennedy drake