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"I care too much,
and not at all.
And it fucking sucks"
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-whispers- eighteen minutes.

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i kind of want to make some mixes.

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3.5 hours :)

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who all is making one of kennedy’s little siblings?

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tomorrow, tomorrow, we open tomorrow.

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also i need another coding expert to figure out why my kismet tabs thing won’t work. anyone, please?

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i really want to plot and stuff. the site is done and all i have left is my shipper. give me things.


so i was not expecting this turn out and i am so freaking excited and happy. thank you guys.

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okay so we still need two siblings for the marshalls i believe. right now we have ages 23, 22, 20, and 18. so we can have like a 19 and 17 if you’d like. basically the carl and the liam. they dont need to be like the characters but i just need 2 more siblings lol.

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i need stuff and things people. i want all the plots.

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finn alec reid, twenty, drug dealer

» finn lived in minneapolis, minnesota until he was twelve years old. his father was abusive to his mother and she finally decided she had to get away so she left him and moved finn and herself to her hometown of chicago, il.

» money was rather tight for them growing up, especially since his mother was a single mother. when finn was fourteen, his mother ended up getting knocked up by her then boyfriend who soon left her after hearing the news of her pregnancy so things got even tougher for the reids.

» thats about the time that he got into drugs, first looking for a kind of escape from reality and after about six months of just using he found himself dealing. for once, he finally had some money of his own and he was able to help take care of his mother. she never asked where the money was coming from but deep down, he knew she didn’t have to.

» school was never really his thing but due to his mother’s wishes, he continued going and graduating. he decided against college, despite the fact his mom had always dreamed of him going. at eighteen, he got an apartment with his best friend gabby but made sure to still help his mom and younger sibling, not wanting them to suffer.

» the last thing he ever expected for himself was to get his younger girlfriend pregnant and even more so, he had never expected her to keep her kid. but she did and now he finds himself somewhat trapped. it isn’t that he doesn’t care about her or their child, but it’s more so that he had never intended to start a family at such a young age. he had always expected to enjoy his life, not really settling down until his late twenties or early thirties.

» he is by far no where close to being a good boyfriend. despite his girlfriend begging him to quit dealing, he refuses. he also refuses to get a place with her at the moment because despite the fact they are raising a child together, he wants his own space. now, not only does he have to take care of himself, his mother and younger sibling, but he has a young girlfriend and a child to take care of.

» he can be kind of a douche bag at times, not always the sweetest of guys. he would never lay a hand on a woman but he never really had good examples of what a boyfriend or a father were supposed to be about and quite frankly, he is rather selfish.

» he flirts a lot with other girls, sometimes even in front of his girlfriend. chances are he has or he has the potential to possibly cheat on his girlfriend too because he is just a little piece of shit. alcohol and weed are almost constantly in his system and he is always on the go, never really wanting to settle down in one spot for too long.

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if any of you lovely people have skype and want to have a group skype chat (not talking cause i do that for a living all day, just text chat) add me on there. my username is cassapoo and i’ll make us a chat.

kennedy rose marshall, twenty three, stripper

» at the age of sixteen, her mother died and her father had never really been good at being around. he was known as being the neighborhood drunk and rather than stepping up and taking care of his six children, he went off to do his own thing. it left kennedy to grow up fast and take care of her younger siblings, not wanting them to be separated from each other.

» she grew up in chicago and has lived in the same area her entire life. she dreams of someday moving somewhere amazing, somewhere where there isn’t so many problems but she knows she would never be able to do that. not until she knows for sure that all of her siblings would be alright on their own.

» at sixteen, she dropped out of high school because she had to work multiple odd jobs to help support her siblings. they were never the most glamorous jobs and more often than not, they barely made ends meat but she did what she had to.

» she has been stripping since she was eighteen. it isn’t her ideal job but it allows her to make a bit more money than she would working any typical job. however, she still picks up random odd jobs to help out. it’s a little better now that her siblings are a little older and can contribute but she still busts her ass.

» she is kind of a hot mess. for the last seven years, her entire life has been about her siblings and she hasn’t really focused on herself. she always dreamed of going to college and becoming a fashion editor but that wasn’t something that was plausible. she relies heavily on alcohol and occasionally drugs to get her through all of it and she knows she should back off it sometimes, but it’s hard for her to quit.

» she has been in an on again, off again relationship with gideon steele for the last seven years. when they first met, gideon was twenty one and she was sixteen. however, at the time she lied to him about her age because she wanted him to like her. starting off with a lie in the relationship only paved the way for their entire relationship. despite the fact it’s obvious that they love one another, they have always been complete assholes to one another. constantly fighting, hooking up with other people to piss the other off, breaking up and repeating the cycle over and over again.

» her siblings and her bicker all the time, always fighting over stupid things. she has essentially been their only parental figure for the last seven years and sometimes they don’t always agree with the things she decides. in the end though, as annoying as they can be and as sad as she is that she had to let go of her dreams, she loves each and every one of them and would do anything in the world for them.

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